The Benefits of New vs. Used Homes

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When it comes to pricey items like cars or boats, resale or “used” items bear the primary advantage of generally costing less than their new counterparts. Used homes don’t necessarily offer that same benefit. They generally sell for what the market will bear for comparable single-family dwellings in a given area – new or used. And often, the cost meter continues to run at a faster pace after the closing date. Quite simply, buying a new home from Ameri Built is the better option – in so many ways:
  • A used home will need money invested for repair and maintenance much sooner than a new home. A new Ameri Built home requires no additional upfront repairs or remodeling; you’re buying a product that’s high-quality right out of the gate. We stand by that quality with a 10-year structural warranty that comes with every home we build, protecting the buyer from incurring additional costs needed to replace or repair the roof or foundation, or to address any other unforeseen structural issues if there are any.
  • New Ameri Built homes benefit from construction that uses modern technology and materials from the start. This not only includes the home’s structural elements but also the electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC, hot water heater, roof, foundation, windows … every physical component.
  • New Ameri Built homes are custom-designed for energy efficiency, meaning lower monthly utilities bills.
  • Buying used means you inherit the home’s condition and layout from the seller. After enduring the stress of selecting a used home, negotiating and closing, we’re betting that the last thing you want to endure is a home rehab project. And steam cleaning only goes so far (do you really want your kids playing on old carpet that’s been at the mercy of its previous owner’s daily habits? And pets? We didn’t think so.). Buying a new home from Ameri Built lets you customize the carpet, tile, hardwood, counter tops, cabinets and more – the way you want it, before you move in.
  • It’s not just a house, it’s your home. Ameri Built ensures that you’re part of the design and construction process that brings it to life. We count on it so you can rest assured that you’re moving into the new home of your dreams!

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